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Success Story of Anjali R for NLP with Thought Labs
Success Story of Anjali R for NLP with Thought Labs

Enter “NLP Practitioner Program”, I had a few outcomes running in my head – being more disciplined, more organised, be more structured, be a better parent, learn to teach my child more effectively were all that I wanted from the program. Primarily, to get myself in a stronger place emotionally, not to let my emotions sway the outcomes, I wanted in my life. 


Well, after the program, I did achieve most of what I wanted but it is more like a process of thinking to be adopted consistently, day in and day out, to make it into a long-lasting habit. 


A lifetime of limitations/beliefs I had imposed upon my subconscious mind had just been shattered and lifted away. Granted, I hadn’t like it then, but I had adapted myself to those destructive patterns all my life. Now, I had the freedom to explore the present, without clinging on to the patterns of my past. This societal conditioning had become questionable to me now. What if it wasn’t true, at all? From where had all these limitations and beliefs come from? It wasn’t even mine, and yet I was living them, day in and day out. Could I tweak them to design a future than be limited by them, as in the past? A new rewiring had been planted in my mind – unique and unfamiliar to me. Rather than being scared, for the first time in my life, I got excited about it. It felt like a new gateway had opened up for me, free to be explored. A future I could envision for myself, without the imprints from my past. A future where I could be what I wanted to be, what I could be, where I could just follow my heart, free from fears and my past mistakes.

I got enthusiastic about where life would take me, instead of letting life dictate me. I felt excited about how to go about applying these new learnings in my life ahead to bring about the transformation and freedom I desperately had sought until now. Now it didn’t look so far away. It looked like it was within my grasp finally.


It is rightly said that a problem can never be resolved from the thinking that created it, in the first place. It could only be resolved from the level of the solution. NLP opened up a new level of thinking for me – from the level of the solution, rather than from the problem itself.


Where I had previously seen a future as a flat plateau, now it felt like I was shown the rungs of a ladder where I could climb above and see it in a different way, from a much better way, in a more empowering way.


It changed my perspective on myself and my life in a better way. I found myself thriving in a collaborative environment – constantly learning from each other, absorbing desired qualities from each other and trying to incorporate it in myself to make myself a tad better.


Thank you, Nishith, for giving me this space to allow me to let go of what no longer served me and for showing me a new way of thinking, a new way of being. It was a really exhilarating and liberating experience to see life in this way. A definitely empowering way to embrace life and the future ahead. 

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