An online coach certification program for people who would like to be transformational and earn a living by making a difference to others in the world

Develop Transformational Wisdom
Sustainable and generative change happens through powerful insights and wisdom that are naturally available to everyone. We will explore the structure of transformational wisdom, how to access this unlimited source of wisdom for yourself and how to bring this out in the people you are working with. This is what makes coaching a deep, powerful and effortless process.
Deeper understanding of coaching conversations
There is a lot that goes on in a coaching session that’s not always obvious. We will learn how to set a powerful frame for your session, bringing your natural presence to the session, eliciting a coaching mindset in your client, understanding verbal and non-verbal patterns of your clients and ending the session with lasting impact.
Explore ways to earn a living by making a difference
We will explore how you can build a purpose and passion driven coaching business, the intricacies of getting high paying coaching clients and creating a sustainable coaching business not by focusing on heavy sales and marketing but by doing the thing that you love the most – Coaching
My outcome for the program

At the end of the coach certification program, you will learn to create a powerful and transformative experience for yourself and others

My goal for the program is simple:

By the time you finish this program, you will be fully connected to your inner self and are able to fully express yourself as a coach to the world with unwavering confidence.

Our focus on the program will be for you to have a deep understanding of what forms the core of human nature and how that understanding can create profound shifts in your life and in the life of the people you work with.

Nishith Shah

NLP Master Trainer and Coach

Your learning…

I have put together my 16 years of coaching wisdom through successes, failures and learning to teach you what really works to create a truly transformational experience in others.

This course not only comes from my 16 years of experience with NLP but also from the wisdom of my 7 years of spending time with the Buddhist monks in the Himalayas and for 2 years I have modelled base jumpers in Switzerland to really learn to lean into my fears.

I have also created an effective coaching framework from being coached & trained by some of the top coaches and trainers from around the world including Michael Neill, Gene Early, Sue Knight, Judith Delozier, Judith Lowe and many more.

Coaching happens at 3 levels – Situational Coaching, Contextual Coaching and Transformational Coaching. We will be exploring how to work with clients at all these levels to create a powerful experience for them.

Be the transformative presence for your clients
Learn what really makes people alive
What You’ll Learn In This Course

Learn everything you need to learn to be an exceptional coach for yourself and others.

How to build a 3rd generation of NLP based systems thinking while coaching individuals and teams

Learn frameworks that you can easily use in your coaching sessions to transform at all 3 levels of coaching

Learn in a systematic way, how to set up a session, elicit limiting patterns in your clients, transforming those patterns and making a lasting change

Learn the powerful methodology of Identity based coaching

Your learn 7 underlying structures through which you can create sustainable and generative change in your clients

Working with the process of identification and apply to self to propel your own personal transformation

Learn to be fully comfortable to engage in a powerful coaching conversation with anyone to make an impactful difference to them

Developing a frame of leading with coaching to be a leader in your life

Success stories
Stories of how our previous participants are making a difference to the world right now

Want to change the world? Even the smallest steps matter as they can change someone’s life for the better.

Vimala Seshadri
Vimala Seshadri was already an accomplished coach when she joined our program. She wanted to create a higher impact with her clients. She has been part of all of our online programs, Goa Retreat and Himalayas Retreat. She now successfully runs NLP Programs and is a speaker at Global NLP Summit. In her own words, being part of our programs has helped her shift from ‘thinking coaching’ to ‘being a coaching and make a transformative impact in her clients
Matt Garrow-Fisher
Matt Garrow-Fisher had a full time job when he first joined our NLP Retreat in Goa. Since then he has been part of our Switzerland Retreat and the Himalayas Retreat. Now he is a successful coach and a facilitator having run online programs and physical retreats. He also runs a highly viewed podcast “Burn from within” and help people make career transition from their current job to the job that they are passionate about.
Flora Kamdar
Flora Kamdar worked as a teacher in India passionate about making a difference to her students but lacked clarity on how to. She decided to join our online program and the Himalayas Retreat. She now teaches students with absolute clarity of purpose in Transylvania College in Romania. She coaches them to become flexible in their learning to accomplish their academic goals and achieve better results in life.
We know what we are,
but know not what we may be
We have an unlimited source of human potential and wisdom. Help others unleash them.
Coaching is the universal language of transformation and change

We will have a one-on-one conversation through Zoom before the start of the program to set the foundation for the program. This will help me understand your mindset, your values and your vision for your life.

This is important because my goal is for you to become the best coach you want to be rather than turning you into a clone of me.

The initial part of the program will be to learn about the foundations of human experience and expand your possibilities for you to access greater wisdom and insights that are available for you.

I will also do several coaching demonstrations where I will coach you to be at your best and unpack the structure of the coaching conversation for you to learn and model from. And then you will be coaching others on the program where I will mentor and give you precise feedback.

The last part of the program will be for you to join our ‘virtual live’ programs as a coach so that you can put your learning into practice with our delegates and make a difference to them.


As part of the coach certification program, we will have 3 masterclasses that are focused on 3 specific areas of that is aimed at growing you into the best coach possible.

The Principles of Transformation

This Masterclass will be about learning from everyone in your batch as well as some of the other coaches we have trained using these principles to create impact. It is about uplifting your coaching presence through collective learning.

The Business of Coaching

In this masterclass, we will learn some of the simplest principles behind having more clients and making higher income through coaching. The Business of Coaching isn’t about heavy marketing and selling. We will learn how you can acquire clients just by doing more of what you love to do - Coaching.

Coaching Demos

We will bring a couple of the top coaches from around the world to do a ‘live’ coaching demo and unpack the structure of each session for you to learn and model from.

Criteria to join the coach certification program

Are you the right candidate for the program?
First Time Coach
You are just starting out and inspired by the work we do. You want to go deeper into learning how we do what we do
Improve Impact
You are an experienced coach and want to increase your impact with your clients to get more effortless results and become a strong supportive presence for them
You are successful in something that you are already doing and want to learn how to teach that to others to reach similar or higher levels of success
You are already trained in NLP and delve deeper into using NLP to create impact for others.

Pricing & Details

The Coach Certification Program

Original price was: 566.62$.Current price is: 472.18$. + tax

Dates: 10 AUG TO 10 NOV

Time: 3-month Intensive Program

1 powerful 1 on 1 session with Nishith Shah

3 Exclusive Masterclasses

Be a Coach in Our Live Program

Exclusive Community


– Receive Exclusive NLP resources
– Free invite to upcoming NLP masterclasses and webinars
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