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Due to the current pandemic, we have deferred all our in-person courses at the moment.

We now have a powerful online 30-Day Ultimate Transformation Program

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At Thought Labs we have always been thinking differently. We want you to experience the full power of NLP without any boundary. And that includes the boundaries of a conference hall or classroom.

Now you can discover yourself and your potential at some of the best locations in India and around the world. We are working hard to continue to increase the list of places below.

A beautiful learning journey that will take you through mighty mountains, lush green highlands, happy villages, old monasteries and much more to help you master the art of NLP.
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An immersive 9-day retreat that will allow you to take your level of NLP Certification to the next level.
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Switzerland is known for its landscape, cuisine & architecture. Join us on a unique journey to this colourful country and give yout NLP learning a new dimension.
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Known as the land of dreams, Mumbai is the ideal destination to explore the human psyche and ask yourself important questions in life.
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The Best Of NLP Coaching


A 2-day program designed to help you achieve breakthrough results while mastering the foundations of NLP.

During the program, you will learn the basic principles of NLP and the essence of NLP – Modelling. This program gives you an opportunity to experience NLP and notice the impact it can create in your personal & professional life with its practical applications.


An internationally-certified program designed to help you master the art and science of human behaviour and communication with NLP.

This program helps you create extraordinary results for yourself and as a coach for others. Choose from 5 global locations to learn at and experience this program with our unique approach to learning NLP with international delegates.


A 7-14-day program designed to be experiential, fun and innovative, whilst teaching NLP Modelling practically.

This could be modelling monks in the Himalayas or Base Jumpers in Switzerland or local tribes in Goa or performers in Bangalore and Mumbai. Each experience will be unique and powerful. You learn practically and in real-time leading to an internationally recognized certification.


The ultimate NLP course to help you impart your knowledge and experience of NLP to others.

Become a certified trainer with the NLP Trainer Course. You will receive an internationally recognized certification along with the opportunity to work with Thought Labs and other independent NLP leaders from across the globe.

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NLP Conference India

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NLP Conference India 2019 promises enriching and powerful NLP experiences, access to progressive areas of NLP and the opportunity to connect with the wider NLP community. It’s your chance to learn from global, inspirational speakers – explorers who are pushing the boundaries of language and bringing about change for the better.

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