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Certification levels of NLP
Certification levels of NLP
Welcome to the NLP Certification Guide

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) has become an increasingly popular method of self-improvement and personal growth. It is a way to reprogram the mind, enabling individuals to identify bad habits and behaviors patterns that have held them back from achieving success in life. Those who are interested in exploring NLP can benefit from certification programs that provide greater insight into the techniques used. This NLP Certificate Guide will help you understand levels of NLP, the criteria for the certifications and what can you expect to learn at each levels.

Introduction to NLP Certification Guide

Introduction to NLP Certification is a great starting point for anyone considering taking the plunge into Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). With an NLP certification, individuals can gain skills in communication, personal development and problem-solving. It also offers the opportunity to specialize in areas such as leadership and management, business coaching and counseling.


NLP certification courses are available at all levels from introductory workshops to advanced practitioner qualifications with different requirements at each level. Individuals who want an introduction to the subject can attend 1-day courses or weekend seminars that gives you a first hand experience of NLP and the impact it can have on your life and for others. Those looking for more comprehensive knowledge may choose longer certification programs that cover core topics including language patterns, reframing and rapport building.

Overview of the levels of NLP and NLP Certification Guide

At the core of it, NLP usually has 4 levels + an Introductory certification program.

Level 0 – NLP Foundation Program

NLP Foundation Programs are usually beneficial to people who are new to NLP and would like to get an experience of it before committing the time and energy to longer certification programs.

At this level, you learn:


  • The fundamentals and the core of NLP – to also understand the core of the human experience
  • Conscious and unconscious principles of how we build our thoughts, emotions, beliefs, values & everything else
  • Powerful models and techniques of NLP that will give you a profound experience of how NLP can create impact in your lives
  • Also, learning practical skills to use some of these models to coach others
Level 1 – NLP Practitioner Certification

For those looking to learn about the powerful tools and techniques of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), a Level 1 NLP Practitioner Certification is the first step. 


A Level 1 certification provides an introduction to essential NLP concepts, including understanding how language shapes thoughts and behavior; developing communication skills; and learning how to create successful outcomes through the effective use of verbal, nonverbal, and other techniques.



The Level 1 NLP Practitioner Certification program covers topics such as clean language, meta & milton model, levels of change, rapport building, reframing processes, sensory acuity exercises, anchoring techniques, goal-setting strategies, beliefs modification models and more. 


Through hands-on training sessions with experienced facilitators in the field of NLP, practitioners will gain insight into how these concepts can be applied in their own lives, with their clients and businesses.



At the end of the practitioner program with us, you would have enough skills to be able to practice coaching based on NLP both personally as well as professionally.



Criteria to join NLP Practitioner Program: Since this is the first level, there is no criteria to join the program. Usually, it’s useful that you join with a powerful outcome in mind so that whatever you learn in the program can be put into context and you can experience transformation yourself for your outcome.



Requirement to complete the NLP Practitioner Program: At this level, the requirement is completely observational. That means, over the course of the program, we would notice how you are able to shift your thinking and your communication, how you are able to demonstrate flexibility in your approach and how you are able to apply the models in different settings.

Level 2 – NLP Master Practitioner Certification

For those looking to take their Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) skills to the next level, Level 2 NLP Master Practitioner Certification is a perfect choice. 


This certification provides a more in-depth understanding of NLP and we dwell deeper into the art of NLP Modelling and advanced linguistic models. With the right instruction and guidance, mastering this skill set can help you leverage these techniques for personal growth, as well as help others improve their life both personally as well as professionally.



This advanced certification builds on the foundation of Level 1 NLP Practitioner Certification. It furthers your knowledge about how to utilize language and communication strategies that are designed to facilitate change within an individual or group setting. 


You will learn how to apply tools such as eye-accessing cues, anchoring techniques, reframing approaches and other methods of communication for maximum benefit in therapeutic situations.



Criteria to join the program: To join the NLP Master Practitioner Program, you must have successfully completed NLP Practitioner Certification.


Requirement to complete the program: At the end of the NLP Master Practitioner Program, you submit your completed Modelling project to receive your certification.


Level 3: NLP Trainer Certification

NLP Trainer Certification at Level 3 is designed for those looking to become certified NLP trainer and run their own NLP certification programs. NLP is a set of skills that can be used to help people enhance their lives and reach their goals. 


This level offers the highest degree of certification as it provides comprehensive training on all aspects of NLP, including its history, principles, and techniques.


The course takes an average of 6-8 months to complete and covers eight core competencies related to NLP. These include learning how to use language strategically, understanding the psychological underpinnings that influence communication, teaching others how to apply the NLP Models in their own lives, and mastering the tools needed for the effective facilitation of NLP. This includes being able to teach NLP experientially and not just through theory.


Additionally, students will receive guidance from experienced trainers on how to create a successful practice or business based on these newly acquired skills.


Criteria to join the program: You must have completed NLP Master Practitioner Certification and there will an initial assessment of your skills


Requirement to complete the program: You are able to deliver all models of NLP, both at the NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner Level experientially and demonstrate your ability to create transformation in an individual as well as a group setting. You also have to deliver both in our live programs as well online programs successfully.

Level 4: NLP Master Trainer Certification

There are comprehensive criteria in place for you to become an NLP Master Trainer. You may visit the link here to go to the ANLP website here.






It is extremely difficult to get to the NLP Master Trainer level – there are only a few in the world. That includes our founder, Nishith Shah as well, 


Here is the list of all the authentic and genuine NLP Master Trainers in the world.



Certification Body behind NLP Certifications – ANLP, UK

ANLP, UK is one of the leading bodies behind developing the field of NLP. When you become a professional with ANLP, UK you expect to have the highest standards of skills, credibility, authenticity and ethical approach to NLP.

You can learn more about ANLP, UK here


Benefits of Pursuing an NLP Certification

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a powerful tool used to understand and influence the behavior of others. Through NLP, people can gain insights into how they think, feel, and act in different social contexts. Pursuing an NLP certification can be highly beneficial for those interested in understanding and advancing their communication skills.


When obtaining an NLP certification, individuals will have access to a comprehensive library of resources to assist with their learning journey. Not only does this provide them with the guidance needed to understand how their own thoughts and behaviors influence other people’s actions but it also allows them to develop strategies for more effective communication with those around them.


With an NLP certification, you are able to gain skills, credibility, resources and support to practice NLP professionally in any context of your life.

Conclusion & More Support?

I hope that this guide has given you more clarity about different levels of NLP, their benefits of them, the criteria and requirements to complete your certification and how it all comes together.


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