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May 2023


NLP Retreat In Switzerland Is One Of The Most Unique And Experiential Neuro Linguistic Programming Certification Programs In The World, Built On The Principles Of Our NLP Retreats In The Himalayas. The Highly Experience Based Approach Of Learning NLP In The Majestic Swiss Alps, Among Natural Forests And In Quaint Villages, Where Hiking And Other Fun Activities In Nature Goes Hand In Hand With Learning NLP, Identifying With Nature’s Patterns And Modelling Excellence From Locals, Leads To Much Better Results Than The Traditional “Classroom” Approach.

After Completion Of This Multi Level, Internationally Recognised NLP Retreat, You Will Be Certified As NLP Practitionier, NLP Master Practitioner Or NLP Trainer By NLP Master Trainer Nishith Shah And Become Eligible To Become Member Of ANLP UK.

Join Us On This Once In A Lifetime Experience, When You Are On A Journey Of Personal Or Professional Development To Create Transformation In Your Life Or When You Work With Others And Want To Take Your Coaching To The Next Level.

My experience of Switzerland is one of outstanding beauty, fresh air, warm welcoming people and the best chocolate and cheese in the world. Having run experiential NLP retreats in the Himalayas for the last 9 years, I know Switzerland is the perfect place for creating a similar life-changing experience. Switzerland presents such a unique environment that combines the natural beauty of the majestic Alps, glaciers, placid lakes, quaint villages where the time seems to stand still with the cosmopolitan cities with huge cultural diversity. Switzerland is a country that takes care of you, a country where you can be free. Free in real nature, wild, but accessible and that sets up for a truly immersive and transformational learning experience.

The most effective way to learn is by experience and that is exactly what is awaiting you in Switzerland. Being in the middle of the beautiful Swiss Alps, this place provides you with a nice balance of comfort and challenge. Both are key states for you to learn and grow. You experience comfort and space to truly be yourself. At the same time, you are in a place where you challenge yourself to continuously break your limitations (both in your thinking and being) and discover the best version of yourself. That is the beauty of Switzerland, you grow by truly being yourself. Having the freedom to fully express who you are and the difference you bring to the world.

And that is also the essence of learning NLP. By being in this immersive environment to notice your unconscious patterns through various experiences. You do that in the company of some of the most inspirational people from around the world who are there to support you in your journey of self-discovery, learning NLP and beyond.

Nishith Shah, NLP Master Trainer
Trainer Member & International Ambassador at ANLP, UK
Transformational Learning Experience

Experiential Real-Life-Learning

From running our well-established NLP Retreats in the Himalayas, we know the most effective way of learning is by experience. In this highly experiential retreat, learning NLP goes hand in hand with hiking and other fun outdoor activities. The holistic, real-life learning approach, where body and mind are both involved, allows you to unfold maximum learning results in only one week.

“A ship is always safe at shore but that is not what it is built for”

In this retreat you are experiencing something unique, something different, something mentally and physically challenging – well outside of your comfort zone! And this is exactly what’s gonna make the difference and break the limitations in your life.

Identification With Nature

Inspired by the majestic Swiss Alps, calming forests and powerful waterfalls, your mind can expand exponentially. You will be taken out of your usual environment and be surrounded by the beautiful and pure nature of Switzerland, where we are going to identify with nature and translating the patterns we recognise in nature to NLP Models.

“Look deep into nature and you will understand everything better.”

On one hand, this unique learning concept gives you a deep once in a lifetime experience where you can fully immerse in the present moment and on the other hand you can create profound and sustainable transformation for yourself and others.

Modelling Excellence From Swiss Culture

Modelling is the essence of NLP, where you learn to understand the core of human experience. It is a an effective form of accelerated learning where you identify people who are genuinely successful in their achievments and then work out their mindset and many of the essential elements of how they are doing what they are doing.

What if you could learn to be as organised as Swiss Public Transport? To be conneced to nature like an Alpine Herdsman? To overcome your deepest fears like a Base Jumper who is jumping from the cliffs?

In this retreat you will get the opportunity to model from the rich Swiss culture and their unique way of being in order to bring the best out of yourself and others.

Learn NLP Modelling from one of the most skilled modeller in the field of NLP, NLP Master Trainer Nishith Shah, who has gained tremendous experience in modelling in the last 10 years from living and modelling the monks in the Himalayas, the Tribes in Brazil and the Base Jumpers in Switzerland.

Supportive Community

Having a shared learning experience with like-minded people often builds a deep bond between participants. When you are going through challenges, overcoming your deepest fears, hiking in some of the most beautiful environments, being overwhelmed by the power of nature, when you are experiencing all of this together in a group of like-minded people from all over the world, you will grow together and support each other on your transformational journey.

“Happiness is only real when shared.”

In this retreat you will be practicing together, sharing challenging and happy moments together and if you want, making friends forever. It gives you the chance to build connection with a truly supportive community that will be there for you also after the retreat to help you to keep your transformation sustainable.

What Participants Say About The Retreat

“It has been absolutely amazing. It has exceeded my expectations!”

Julie Johns,
Managing Director & Founder At Jewel, Training & Development Ltd.

“Powerful, engaging, thought provoking and transformational!”
Celita Magalhaes,
Former Top Executive In The Media Industry
“It enables me to reach my goals in amore fun, easy and joyful way!”

Yve Stoffel,
Leadership Coach & International Speaker, Founder At Concepts For Change

“The best decision I’ve ever made to be here!”

“It was all about becoming one with what we absorbed, it wasn’t learning, it was absorption.

I’m walking away transformed, I’m walking away ready for new challenges. I’m so excited. That’s the best decision I’ve ever made to be here.”

Priya Balaraj, Founder And Life Coach At Intentional Coaching

“It’s an experience like nothing else on this planet!”

“I just finished Thought Labs’ Program today and it is an experience to learn more about yourself and to model others like nothing else on this planet. From training with several big names like Richard Bandler, John Grinder and Sue Knight (author of NLP at Work), what makes Nishith Shah’s training different is he empowers you to model structure of people’s experiences all the time during the retreat. Unlike at conferences or hotel venues, there is no off-switch. As such, your habit of modelling and noticing structure continues more effortlessly into the real world. Thoroughly recommend this Program!”

Matt Garow-Fisher, Career & Life Coach, Burn From Within

“Very impressing!”

“The modelling really opened my experience of NLP. I think it’s a great way to bring learning from everybody around you.

The uniqueness of this retreat is that it brings NLP to connect with you on a different level and that’s what is very impressing.”

Abhinav Sen Gupta, Founder And Principal Consultant, Smartworks Consulting

What is NLP?

The Study Of The Structure Of Human Experience


Experience gathered by our nervous system through our five senses (visual, autitory, kinesthetic, olfactory, gustatory) which are processed as memories.


Verbal and non-verbal communication to gain and express an understanding of our experience.


Habitual patterns, behaviors and thoughts created by the impact of language on the brain.
Outcomes Of The Retreat

Become certified NLP Practitioner or NLP Master Practitioner or NLP Trainer

This retreat is designed to experience deep transformation in your personal and professional life. Create massive shifts in yourself and for people around you and become the new YOU that keeps growing every day.


Learn Powerful NLP Models And Techniques To Unterstand The Underlying Structure Of How Human Beings Experience Life


Learn Powerful NLP Models And Techniques To Unterstand The Underlying Structure Of How Human Beings Experience Life


Explore Who You Really Are And Learn Ways To Connect With Yourself And Others At A Deeper Level


Overcome Your Deepest Fears, Challenges And Limiting Beliefs To Live Life Full Of Passion And Purpose


Learn How To Access And Effectively Communicate With The Subconscious Mind


Explore The Interconnectedness Of Your Body And Mind To Create Holistic Change


Learn The Art Of Influential Language To Build Strong Relationships And Become An Impactul Communitator


Give Powerful Feedback And Learn To Motivate Yourself And Others To Become The Best Self


Learn How To Model Excellence In Order To Unlock The Full Potential In Yourself And Others


Become Certified NLP Practitioner Or NLP Master Practitioner Or NLP Trainer To Take Your Personal Life And Professional Life To The Next Level

The Retreat Details

21st – 29th October 2023

Checkin: Saturday, 21st October 2023, 6 – 7 pm MEZ
Checkout: Sunday, 29th October 2023, 9 am MEZ


All participants are staying together in a typical Swiss Chalet located in the quaint village of Lauterbrunnen, in Berner Oberland.

You can easily reach Lauterbrunnen in 2.5 hours by train from Zurich Airport or in 3 hours from Basel Airport. Public transport in Switzerland is very reliable and comfortable to travel with.

Lauterbrunnen Valley is one of the most beautiful areas of Switzerland with famous places like Interlaken, Wengen and Jungfraujoch nearby. So if you decide to stay some more days to explore Switzerland after the retreat is finished, this is also a perfect starting point.

The Sessions

We usually leave the venue in the morning to go out and find a great spot for the session where we set the frame for the activity and learning of the day. Depending on what comes up for the learning, on some days we will do hikes in the Lauterbrunnen valley, explore the villages around Lauterbrunnen, do other fun activities around the venue or interview and model local people. While doing the activities, we are applying and practicing NLP Models in real-time. After the activities, we are reflecting on the experiences and unpacking the learning of the day.

Following a highly experiential learning approach, we often don’t have a fixed timetable in advance which allows us to flexibly make adjustments and work with what comes up from the participants in the moment. We make sure, that by the end of the week all the NLP Models that are required for the certification, will be covered.

We will also have enough time to relax, have fun and just enjoy the beautiful place!

Accommodation + Meals

We stay in this typical Swiss Chalet with big garden area and stunning view on the Staubbach falls and the majestic Swiss Alps.
There are comfortable double rooms and a limited number of single rooms available.

As part of the shared experience in the retreat, we will prepare community meals together guided by our magnificant chef Divija (groceries provided by us). However, you are also free to eat out in one of the local restaurants if you prefer that (on your own costs). When we are on outdoor activities, we either bring picknick for lunch or eat in a restaurant.

Join the NLP Retreat in Switzerland from

21st – 29th October 2023


Early Bird Prize:
Shared Double Rooms
Fees: 2,129.77$ + Tax
Single Room
(limited availability)

Fees: 2,721.37$ + Tax

Included in the fees: Accommodation, community meals, cable cars, transportation during the week
About Nishith Shah

NLP Master Trainer, Founder of Thought Labs, Co-Founder of

Global NLP Summit and International Ambassador at ANLP UK

I have been exploring and developing NLP for more than 16 years. I was blessed to come across NLP just at the age of 17. Since then, I have got the opportunity to facilitate the transformation for more than 4000 people across 25 different countries by helping them develop exceptional levels of NLP skills. I have trained people in multiple locations around the globe, such as Bangalore, Goa, Himalayas, Thailand and Switzerland.

I have been certified from NFNLP, US | ANLP, UK | Sue Knight Books and Talks. But, it’s not just about that. When I started developing NLP experiences, I just didn’t want to run NLP Programs as they have been taught from decades. They have their own benefits, but I wanted to really innovate and create something that brings out the core of Human Potential.

Over the years I have been actively working with more than 50 organizations in India, UK, USA and Switzerland by transforming the way they accomplish their results to help build winning culture through purpose, courage and leadership. Some of my clients are Aditya Birla, Robert Bosch, HP, Swiss RE Wockhardt & many more.

After working with NLP for so many years, what matters to me in learning and teaching NLP is much more the experience than the tools and techniques. For me the massive shift happened when I started training NLP in the Himalayas. Through my experiences of modelling the monks in the Himalayas & Thailand, Base Jumpers in Switzerland, the Indigenous tribes of Brazil and the Adventure Enthusiasts from Argentina I have designed unique learning systems to run innovative programs/retreats such as “NLP at the Himalayas” and “NLP in Switzerland” – which are out of the world & life-changing learning experiences.

There is something unique about Switzerland. When I travel there, I notice everything just works. With amazing authentic people and majestic landscapes, it was and still is one of the perfect places on this planet to run NLP Retreats that help in getting out of your comfort zone to be the best version of yourself. I am blessed to run NLP Retreats in Switzerland now for more than 3 years.

Learning NLP for me is about respecting people, learning from different cultures, learning from differences and that’s the experience I aim to create. Transformation is already there. It’s just about how you learn to discover it for yourself.

About Karin Rohner

NLP Trainer

Karin Rohner, NLP Trainer and Coach, is part of the Global Thought Labs Team. She trained under NLP Master Trainer, Nishith Shah, and runs NLP trainings and coaching sessions in the various NLP Online Programs and the NLP Retreat in Switzerland.

In her more than 20 years in the corporate world in Switzerland, she has gained broad expertise in Finance, Accounting and Leadership. In the years as team leader, she coached her team members with confidence and supported them in their professional development with high motivation. Currently she works part time as Controller Real Estate for a Swiss insurance company and joined the Global Thought Labs Team in 2020.

Her passion for language and continuous wish for personal growth got her in touch with NLP in a time of big transformation. Since then she has been on an ongoing journey of self-development. Travelling, nature and writing gives her freedom. Meditation, yoga and music gives her peace. In NLP she can live out her passion for language and her desire for creating deep connections to her true self and to others. She is highly committed to hold space for others and support them in their growth.

In her training and coaching sessions Karin loves to create a warm learning atmosphere that allows profound transformation to evolve. Her approach is structured, but yet experiential and holistic. She is known for genuinely be present with her participants and her high engagement with the whole group.

Thought Labs

The company behind

Thought Labs, founded in 2009 by NLP Master Trainer Nishith Shah, is one of the most experienced NLP based training and coaching organizations in India, specialized in creating diverse learning experiences to both individuals and organizations across the whole planet. We are passionate about transforming people’s lives through the power of Neuro Linguistic Programming in our “in person” and “online” programs and as well in our personal coachings. Being specialized in real-life experiences and experiential learning we have designed and run unique NLP Retreats in the Himalayas, Goa, Switzerland and Thailand. Our multinational team consists of a hand full of highly motivated and qualified people, who come from various backgrounds and experiences. Together we are working towards our common vision to make a difference to our planet.
What People Say About The Trainers

“Very Impressed”

“I have always been impressed with Nishith for his confidence, his sense of humour and his ability to support others to be the best version of themselves.”

Sue Knight, Author Of NLP At Work

“Nishith is really mastering facilitation!”

“Nishith has been incredible and outstanding! For me, he is really mastering facilitation. He’s been so flexible to really bring the best value for each participant and for us as a group. For me that has been accelerated learning at its best. And it’s been such a joy to observe that and to model that!”

Yve Stoffel, Leadership Coach & International Speaker, Founder At Concepts For Change

“Karin is an incredible facilitator, coach and trainer!”

“Karin is an incredible coach! She is very calm, very serene and she picks up on development areas for you and then delivers that feedback really clearly. For me personally, Karin has had significant impact on me in personal change over this retreat. When I reflected with the group on what I had learned, Karin was actually the constant. She was there giving the feedback, listening to me and coaching me to be the best me that I can be. So she is an incredible facilitator, coach and trainer. I have a lot of time for her.”

Julie Johns, Trainer & Coach, Jewel Training & Development Ltd.
For queries call or WhatsApp Nishith +91 99165 63743 (India) or Karin +41 794649638 (Europe)
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