NLP TOTE: Create Your Learning Experiences Like A Pro


Let’s embark on a journey of exploration using NLP TOTE, a powerful model for learning and problem-solving. Begin with these three questions:



      1. What’s the best thing you have ever learned? 
      2. Now, as you think of this, HOW did you learn it?
      3. What were the strategies you used to learn?



    Learning 24×7 with NLP TOTE

    As humans, we’re always learning. We acquire skills, knowledge, and behaviours throughout our lives. NLP TOTE, representing Test-Operate-Test-Exit, shows how we blend this information into learning.


    With NLP TOTE we can understand how we learn ANYTHING we ever have and will.


    To understand NLP TOTE further let’s consider the scenario of a jigsaw puzzle. How do you figure out which piece of the puzzle goes where? 


    The missing slot is a trigger for you to identify your Present State – There is a missing slot. Subsequently, you identify your desired state – I want to find the correct piece to complete the puzzle. This sets the stage to running a TOTE.



        1. You first pick up a piece and TEST the current situation you are in, which is a missing slot. 
        2. You then take the piece and OPERATE whether it fits in a slot. 
        3. If it fits you EXIT the strategy and move on to your piece of the puzzle.
        4. If it did not fit then you run a different OPERATION by picking a different piece of the puzzle. You continue to do this till you find the piece of the puzzle that fits and EXIT the TOTE.
        5. You repeat this process and as a result, understand how to solve the puzzle.

      2. This is how you create a NLP TOTE to solve the puzzle. This process mirrors how we learn and adapt to challenges, outcomes and goals in our life.

      The power of NLP TOTE

      In a more meaningful context, just imagine the usefulness of knowing how to consciously create and run NLP TOTE so you can have the best strategies to learn anything you want to.



      You can also begin to recognize the previous TOTE you have created for yourself in different scenarios and notice how they serve you. Furthermore, if they are unresourceful then you can shift this for yourself to a resourceful TOTE.



      Now that you understand NLP TOTE, let’s dissect this further:

      Test: Assess your current situation

      The NLP TOTE model begins with testing, where individuals assess their present situation. This phase involves gathering information, asking questions, and keenly observing the dynamics at play. 


      Whether applied to personal or professional development, testing the waters provides a crucial foundation for understanding the starting point and identifying areas that require attention.

      Operate: Execute strategically

      Armed with insights from the testing phase, the next step is to operate strategically. This phase involves implementing actions based on the information gathered. 


      The operative phase is where individuals consciously choose behaviours, or strategies that align with their desired outcomes. It’s about executing purposefully and navigating the journey towards positive change.

      Test: Evaluate and refine

      The NLP TOTE model features a feedback loop. After implementing actions, it’s important to test again to analyse the impact of the chosen strategies. 


      This process allows for ongoing refinement and adjustment. If the initial actions fall short or need changes, individuals can go back to the testing phase and try different operations.

      Exit: Integrate lessons and move forward

      The exit phase involves individuals integrating the lessons learned from testing and operating, forming a deeper understanding of themselves and their environments. Exiting the loop involves recognizing achievements, challenges, and gaining newfound wisdom for the future. 

      NLP TOTE is always within you

      NLP TOTE is present in us from mastering basic skills as kids to complex challenges as adults. Even in contexts of how we learn our behaviours, values, beliefs and deeper patterns – everything is thanks to NLP TOTE.



      Understanding your internal learning systems can empower you to deal with your outcomes efficiently.



      As you read and learn from this blog, you are running your own NLP TOTE to create an experience of TOTE.


      Now you are equipped to go learn anything you want by consciously creating and running the NLP TOTE! 

      Are you ready to start your journey with NLP?

      Hey, I am Nishith Shah. At Thought Labs, we are committed to support you in your journey of personal and professional transformation. 

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