Experience Deep Transformation

With NLP In Goa

07th – 14th December 2024

Discover your inner potential, create an inside out transformation!


Do you have a vision?

Do you want to live a purposeful life?


Perhaps you would like to experience more freedom in life by having more income, travel the world or to let go of your limiting baggage.


Or you simply would like to create more impact in the world.


Whatever your outcome maybe, come join us on a transformational and life-changing NLP retreat in Goa.


Apart from having a profound experience, the NLP retreat in Goa will give you space to think, to be and to allow yourself to experience peace from within.

Being in this beautiful environment, the calm of a quiet beach right at your doorstep – you will feel inspired to live life to the fullest.


This retreat will make you feel alive, help you find inner wisdom & create an inside-out shift that will change the way you experience life.


No matter where you are at in your journey with NLP, may it be starting as an NLP Practitioner or taking your NLP to the next level by being an NLP Master Practitioner or NLP Trainer… this retreat will help you create a level shift in your personal and professional life.


While this is an NLP Retreat, we will focus on creating a complete transformation with additional sessions of Yoga, Feldenkrais and other mind-body work.


And you will be doing this in the company of some of the most incredible leaders, coaches and humans on the planet.

ready to take your life to the next level?

Early Bird Offer: Save INR 8’000 

Valid till 30th September 2024

Become masterful at NLP

Transformational Learning Experience

Connect with the beautiful beach, the community, the locals and with yourself in a way that is different, profound and transformative.




Experiential sessions to discover your inner potential

NLP is the study of human experience. You can’t learn it theoretically. It’s like saying learning how to drive a car theoretically. All the sessions are designed to be experiential. That means you will have a real-time and practical application of each model of NLP.


This could mean learning from identifying the patterns of excellence from the local culture or going to the market and recognizing different filters through which people experience the world.

Community support and practice

Throughout the program there will be ample amount of time to practice everything you learn to make sure that you are able to create maximum impact with yourself and others.


We will also have a team of coaches available to help & support you individually during the program.


Connection with exceptional environment to create an inside out transformation

This retreat is held in one of the most beautiful, quiet and peaceful locations in Goa.


Right on the beach at the doorstep of the sea, this setting provides an exceptional environment for growth, learning and transformation.

Exclusive & Intimate learning

NLP Retreat in Goa is exclusive & intimate to make sure that you get enough personal attention from Nishith as well as from our coaches. 


We create a connected and supportive environment to experience deep transformation. Hence, this retreat is limited to only 12 delegates at a time.



What Participants Say About The Retreat

“It is life changing!”

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Jenn Russell

Yoga Instructor

“I feel like a completely new person!” .

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Carolyn Theresa

Yoga Teacher & Wellness Consultant

“It’s been an unfolding of self!”

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Vidya Muralidharan

HR Professional, Consultant
and Executive & Life Coach

“There were so many insights!”

“Words actually fail me at the moment because there were so many experiences, there were so many insights! Doing a retreat like this is very fluid and is very in the moment, you’re in a flow at that point of time. It gave me so much of an experience of what NLP can do.”

Sridevi Vadakoot,
Consultant & Trainer

“Some of the key takeways are definetely the people and the system!”

“Some of the key takeways are definitely the people, the system and the structure of things like being aware of how I’m speaking, how I’m communicating with other people and how to ask deeper questions and understanding what people want to tell you.”

Eleanor Johns, 
Costume & Textiles Student

“It has empowered me!”

“It has empowered me! It literally has empowered me and I feel very good about this fact. There has been so much awareness for me as a person and then there is the confidence I’ve started building on myself.”

Sharmili Chadha,
Image Consultant

What you will learn

Become a certified NLP Practitioner, NLP Master Practitioner or NLP Trainer.

This retreat is designed to experience deep transformation in your personal and professional life. Create massive shifts in yourself and for people around you and become the new YOU that keeps growing every day.

Learn Powerful NLP Models And Techniques To Unterstand The Underlying Structure Of How Human Beings Experience Life

Explore Who You Really Are And Learn Ways To Connect With Yourself And Others At A Deeper Level

Overcome Your Deepest Fears, Challenges And Limiting Beliefs To Live Life Full Of Passion And Purpose

Learn How To Access And Effectively Communicate With The Subconscious Mind

Explore The Interconnectedness Of Your Body And Mind To Create Holistic Change

Learn The Art Of Influential Language To Build Strong Relationships And Become An Impactul Communitator

Give Powerful Feedback And Learn To Motivate Yourself And Others To Become The Best Self

Disconnect with the world that you know and have a space for yourself to think, reflect and be the best version of yourself surrounded by nature. This space will allow you to reconnect with your internal resources in a way that is different, profound and transformative

Learn How To Model Excellence In Order To Unlock The Full Potential In Yourself And Others

Become exceptionally skilled with NLP to create deep, meaningful and sustainable change for yourself, your clients and larger organizations and communities that you work with

Become Certified NLP Practitioner, NLP Master Practitioner Or NLP Trainer To Take Your Personal Life And Professional Life To The Next Level


This is a multi-level program. At the end of the program, no matter where you are in your learning journey, you will take your NLP Certification to the next level – may it be NLP Practitioner, NLP Master Practitioner or NLP Trainer’s Training Certification.

NLP Practitioner

At the NLP Practitioner level, you will learn power models and processes of NLP that will help become exceptionally skilled at creating deep and sustainable transformation for yourself and your clients

NLP Master Practitioner

At the NLP Master Practitioner level, you will have a deep understanding of NLP to recognize and unpack the structure of human experience. You gain mastery over NLP through advanced linguistics models & NLP Modelling

NLP Trainer

NLP Trainer’s Training is about taking your NLP skills to highest level and learning to create breakthrough experiences for others. If you are someone who loves working with other people and would like to support others in their development, this program is for you.

Trainer Member & International Ambassador at ANLP, UK

What Participants Say About Nishith Shah

“Nishith has such a calming presence, really warm, really inviting, he’s a great facilitator!”.

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Jenn Russell

Yoga Instructor

“There is a lot of experience, wisdom and knowing the field that it is embodied in Nishith.”.

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Natasha Parekh

Coach & Leadership Development

“Really Great! I felt very supported.”.

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Julie Johns

Managing Dirctor & Founder At Jewel Training & Development Ltd.

“The way Nishith created the whole program was so beautifully done”

“The way he created the whole program, the way he curated these experiences through us was so beautifully done, that I’ve never seen anything like this and I still don’t know how he does it, but I hope to model some of that sometime.”

Carolyn Theresa,
Yoga Teacher & Wellness Consultant

“Nishith is always there, he is always supporting!”

“Nishith has challenged me into a new way of thinking! He’s always supporting, he is always there. He’s always smiling. He’s like a Buddha, so calm in spite of all the chaos around him. That’s fantastic!”

Shalini Venugopal, 
Image Consultant

“Nishith is very good!”

He is very good! He was very calm, collected, listened to everyone, didn’t interrupt and was very sweet in how he conveyed everything.

If you didn’t understand, it was very easy to say “I’m not sure” and keep going until you understand even if that took twenty, thirty minutes.

Eleanor Johns, 
Costume & Textiles Student

Be inspired by the life-changing environment and people

The Retreat Details

07 – 14 December 2024

Start time: 2 pm IST 7th of December 2024
End time: 1 pm IST 14th December 2024


This retreat is held at Peace Garden at Talpona Beach, one of the most beautiful, quiet and peaceful locations in South Goa.


The resort provides variety of rooms and will range from INR 3000/night to INR 6500/night based on your preference.


If you would like to share the accommodation with someone else, just let us know and we will put you together with another delegate who would like to do the same.

What a day at the retreat looks like

8:30 – 9:30 – Body work such as Yoga, Feldenkrais, Tai Chi 
10:30 – 12:30 – Transformational NLP Sessions
12:30 – 2:00 – Reflection time with Lunch
2:00 – 4:00 – Transformational NLP Sessions
4:00 – 4:30 – Break
4:30 – 6:00 – Transformational NLP Sessions
6:00 – 7:30 – Time on the beach, relaxation, and reflection.
7:30 – 8:30 on every alternate day – Special Sessions for NLP Master Practitioners on Modelling Project and NLP Trainer’s on increasing their impact.
8:30 onwards – We have some fun playing games or music or just have some self-time.

What’s included

7 days of transformational training

One 30-min outcome framing session at the beginning of the program and a 1-on-1 coaching session with Nishith during the program

Meals on the first and the last day

Modelling experiences to go to the core of NLP

Creating mind-body transformation with the morning Yoga, Feldenkrais

Post Program support for 3 months for Modelling and Training Projects

Invite to our Global NLP Community of 5000+ delegates from over 24 countries

Live your life to the fullest

a unique NLP experience

Connect with the beautiful beach, the community, the locals and with yourself in a way that is different, profound and transformative.

Be inspired by the life-changing environment and people

Environment + Venue

Disconnect with the world that you know to have space for deeply connecting with yourself!

With its beautiful beach, stunning sunsets and peaceful atmosphere, this setting provides an exceptional environment for creating an inside out transformation. Join us at one of the most beautiful, quiet and calming locations in South Goa to discover your inner potential and become your best self!

Discover your inner potential, create an inside out transformation! Book your place now

07 - 14 December 2024


Save INR 8’000 if you sign up before 30th September 2024 | Only a few seats available now

**Parts payment available. Get in touch with us to know more.
** Additional Taxes applicable

only limited amount of
seats available

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This is the time to change

A Personal Invitation From Me

Your journey of the retreat, wherever you begin… You will be a different person on the other side of it!

Once I was on a mountaineering expedition where things got really challenging for me. It was the last leg to reach the summit and I was exhausted, tired, mentally drained and physically injured… The weather wasn’t my friend on this expedition and because of that we had been going through these challenges for almost a week. I was at that point in the climb where the only thought that was running in my mind was… “Why the hell do we put ourselves through this?”


I was ready to turn back!


So, I went to our expedition leader to ask him about how I can turn back. Unfortunately, for me, the path back was difficult as well because of…. Well bad weather and snow all over the place. So, there was no way I could have gone back by myself. I was left with no choice but to move forward.


Then something interesting happened… because there was no choice left for me, my thought inside my head changed. Suddenly, I told myself… “Well, I might as well enjoy it” And in the next 2 days I was on the top of the summit.
As I was reflecting on this experience, I realized.. if I had an option available probably I would have chosen to turn back. I wouldn’t have discovered what I was capable of… And the biggest insight was that when I thought I couldn’t do something… I did it anyways. I was capable of more than I think I was.


You might come to this retreat with a clear outcome, or you might come in to find that outcome. It doesn’t matter where you start. At the end of the retreat, you can expect yourself to discover resources within yourself that you didn’t think you had. Find yourself in a way that goes beyond your sense of who you can be.


You can completely expect to transform your thinking, behaviors, emotions, beliefs, value and become alive with a new sense of purpose for yourself and for creating an impact in the world.

Nishith Shah, NLP Master Trainer

About Nishith Shah

NLP Master Trainer, Founder of Thought Labs, Co-Founder of

Global NLP Summit and International Ambassador at ANLP UK

I have been exploring and developing NLP for more than 17 years. I was blessed to come across NLP just at the age of 17. Since then, I have got the opportunity to facilitate the transformation for more than 4000 people across 25 different countries by helping them develop exceptional levels of NLP skills. I have trained people in multiple locations around the globe, such as Bangalore, Goa, Himalayas, Thailand and Switzerland.

I have been certified from NFNLP, US | ANLP, UK | Sue Knight Books and Talks. But, it’s not just about that. When I started developing NLP experiences, I just didn’t want to run NLP Programs as they have been taught from decades. They have their own benefits, but I wanted to really innovate and create something that brings out the core of Human Potential.

Over the years I have been actively working with more than 50 organizations in India, UK, USA and Switzerland by transforming the way they accomplish their results to help build winning culture through purpose, courage and leadership. Some of my clients are Aditya Birla, Robert Bosch, HP, Swiss RE Wockhardt & many more.

After working with NLP for so many years, what matters to me in learning and teaching NLP is much more the experience than the tools and techniques. For me the massive shift happened when I started training NLP in the Himalayas. Through my experiences of modelling the monks in the Himalayas & Thailand, Base Jumpers in Switzerland, the Indigenous tribes of Brazil and the Adventure Enthusiasts from Argentina I have designed unique learning systems to run innovative programs/retreats such as “NLP at the Himalayas” and “NLP in Switzerland” – which are out of the world & life-changing learning experiences.

There is something unique about Switzerland. When I travel there, I notice everything just works. With amazing authentic people and majestic landscapes, it was and still is one of the perfect places on this planet to run NLP Retreats that help in getting out of your comfort zone to be the best version of yourself. I am blessed to run NLP Retreats in Switzerland now for more than 3 years.

Learning NLP for me is about respecting people, learning from different cultures, learning from differences and that’s the experience I aim to create. Transformation is already there. It’s just about how you learn to discover it for yourself.

About Thought Labs

The company behind

Thought Labs, founded in 2009 by NLP Master Trainer Nishith Shah, is one of the most experienced NLP based training and coaching organizations in India, specialized in creating diverse learning experiences to both individuals and organizations across the whole planet. We are passionate about transforming people’s lives through the power of Neuro Linguistic Programming in our “in person” and “online” programs and as well in our personal coachings. Being specialized in real-life experiences and experiential learning we have designed and run unique NLP Retreats in the Himalayas, Goa, Switzerland and Thailand. Our multinational team consists of a hand full of highly motivated and qualified people, who come from various backgrounds and experiences. Together we are working towards our common vision to make a difference to our planet.

For queries call or WhatsApp Nishith +91 99165 63743 (India).

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